Calibration Capability

  • Calibration Capability

Calibration Capability:

List of all the instruments that we calibrate:

Multi-Meters Fixed Gas Detectors
Clamp Meters Portable Gas Detectors
DC/AC Volt Meters Data Loggers
DC/AC Ammeters Gas Sensors
Power Quality Analyzers Pressure Calibrators
Multi Function Calibrators Pressure Indicators
Universal Calibrators Pressure Gauges
Leakage Current Testers Tachometers
Earth Leakage Clamp Meters Sound Meters
Milli Amp Clamp Meters Earth Testers
RTD\Thermocouple Sensors Infra Red Temperature Guns
Insulation Testers IR Thermometers
Ohm Meters & Micro Ohm Meters Thermal Imagers
Lux Meters Temperature Calibrators
Voltage Recorder Temperature Indicators
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